Heavy Heart – Forgiven

Have you ever done something without any thought added to it? The feeling you get afterwards is most likely worse than toothache and headache put together. You go through the whole scenario over and over again in your mind trying to find ways you could have said or done something different. Creepy.

I just did something to please a friend, I did it with no thought at all, well actually with plenty of thought, but the wrong kind of thought. My intentions were certainly not in the right place, I feel bad, I feel like I used people to impress one person, how does that make me a better person?

It’s amazing how you can be moving forward so well in righteousness, praying about everything, and trying to do things not out of your own strength but God’s strength, and you slip up once and feel as though you have messed everything up. Well I know I am forgiven so long as I ask for forgiveness from my Father 1John 1:19, next time I get into a similar situation I will try my best to not repeat the same mistake again, I will put thought into each and every word that comes out of my mouth.

The bible tells us about always being on our guard 1Corinthians 16:13, I should learn to meditate on such verses next time so I don’t fall into small little traps like this. Life is not always gonna go according to our script of trying to be righteous, we WILL fall, but God our help will be there to pick us up and help us carry on on our journey. I will not be discouraged and you shouldn’t too if you ever make mistakes, God is our Father and He loves us, and He recognises a heart that is truly devoted to Him…

Our pastor once said the devil uses the past to pull us down, a second ago is already the past. Don’t give him the satisfaction of stealing your joy, I won’t too, I am happy and I am free knowing that I am forgiven for my sins, trusting that I will not make the same mistake twice, but if I do, I will pray to God to forgive my sins and try again until I get it right. We serve a wonderful and merciful God, and NO devil will come between me and my joy…

Praise be to the most high God, He is worthy of all the praise!!


**Be blessed


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