Each Heartbreak Brings A Lesson

The scariest thing is thinking you are living for God then getting a rude awakening realising you are living for yourself… I think the biggest challenge for me spiritually came this past Sunday, the 2nd of June 2013.

So I had FINALLY settled into a church, see I’m one of those who’d bounce from one church to another, till I found this church. It’s a small church, I had gone there the previous year but stayed for a bit then left the church, but I don’t remember why I left it back then. So now I feel like I am home in this church, it’s a small church, everybody knows everybody sort of thing, and it’s intimate, it’s like a family, every Sunday after the service we even get served lunch, and it’s good lunch hey! Loved the food there!

So this past weekend I had gone home to see my mom, I missed her so much! So on the Sunday she dropped me off at church just in time to catch the second service which is prophecies and deliverances. So somehow she decided to stay for a few minutes then leave, so we went in the church and said our goodbyes as she was going to sit closer to the back so she can leave at any time and I went and sat at another spot.

My name got called out for prophecy, see I had spoken to the Apostle the week before and asked him to pray for me and my family, so I knew that he already knew my name and my surname and where I was from. So anyways, he prophecies over me about what happened when I was born, unbeknown to him, my mom is sitting there at the back, and the things I am being told are not true, I knew they weren’t, but I have no idea why I did not speak up though…

So anyways I saw my mom leave a few minutes after. I called her when church was over and she asked me how I felt about everything that had happened, at that time I am confused beyond anything, my spirits are down, I just felt down. So then she just said it straight out, all that was a lie. She didn’t even need to convince me cause somehow I knew that she was telling the truth, the stuff that was prophecied over me was totally false. As he prophesied over me, one of the things he had said was “this afternoon that I was born…”, not in those exact words but something along those lines, my mom just said to me, you were born in the evening, so that already is not true.

Anyways this whole experience really shook me up a bit, because I then realised that I had put my faith on a man, and I thought I had put it in God. I had trusted a man, and not God. I thank God He took me out just in time, before I got sucked in and lost all I have. From now on, I want to read the bible, I want to know God, and I want to trust in Him alone. I cannot rest my belief on a human being, whether they be a parent, teacher, prophet or in future my spouse or children. I will believe in Him that sent His only son Jesus Christ to die for us on the cross.

Watch yourself and the teachings that you listen to, yes prophecies and deliverances are exciting to watch but are they from God?

I would encourage you to take a look at this video I came across on youtube “Miracles For Sale“, about a scuba diving instructor who was ‘taught’ how to “heal” in faith when He wasn’t really who he said he was. it’s very interesting to see how powerful the mind is and what it can do when it truly believes somehting.

Be blessed


One thought on “Each Heartbreak Brings A Lesson”

  1. Thank God that you were made aware of the deception in that church. Jesus warned that there would be many false prophets prior to His return, so its not surprising that “prophetic” claims are becoming more common.

    Yes, turn to the bible, search the scriptures, test everything you see and hear against God’s revelation in scripture.


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