Loving His Holy Word


So today I fell in love with the scripture… No it was nt something I had to do as a Christian, I wanted to read His word, I wanted to be with Him… It feels wonderful and awesome! I just want everybody to feel the same way…

Even got to memorise some scriptures, but I won’t be boasting about that now, but what I found to be a very relevant word was Psalm 118:8 “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man”.

Too many times we ramble on about how God said this to me, what a pastor says he heard God say to him, and we place that “personal experience with God” way above the bible. It gets so bad to the point where we start trying to gain more personal experiences with God and reading the word to justify or somehow edify our personal experiences with him.

I’m not quite sure if that made sense but to make it clearer.

There was a time where I had a “vision”, cause I wasn’t sleeping, but I wasnt awake either, I was in between, just lazy to get out of bed I guess, and this bright light just came and I had to look down cause it was too bright, then the voice said to me “never stop believing” and it was said twice, then some numbers flashed on a wall, I wrote them down on my phone but lost it a couple of weeks later so I cant recall them anymore. But anyways, long story cut short, I wanted to sleep more so I can get “visions” again. I read the bible but it just did not match up to that “personal experience” of mine. As much as the message the “vision” had was good, in hind sight I see that it was pulling me further away from God because all I was now searching for was a personal message form God to me, which made me feel special, or spiritualy higher than most people. Even though I hardly knew my bible.

Glad to say, I fell in love with the scripture.

Here’s to more days spent with God. (John 1:1)


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