Self improvement versus God improvement

Good read! It’s eye-opening … What are our intentions in doing the things we do? How do we use our time?

Christianity and masculinity

“Self improvement” is one of the many ways that the PUAs and other lifestyle manosphere sites use to build an “attractive man” that women want to be around. However, “self improvement” at its core is obviously about the self. It is inherently selfish and prideful. Therefore, we eschew it because that is not what God has called us to.

The mindset, however, is indeed correct. We must understand as Christians that things we may do and things the world may do may look similar, but we do them for different purposes and intents. This will become more clear as I talk about this further.

One of the big things about “self improvement” in the manosphere is getting men to exercise and build a muscular physique. On the surface, this seems relatively innocuous, but it’s looking at things from the wrong lens.

For example, let’s examine the most recent missions trip…

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