Grave Horror


What must happen when you are gang raped by three men? What happens when one of the men is a policeman, the very people that should be protecting civilians are the ones carrying out these horrific crimes? Read on to experience what Malebo went through.
Please note that this story is sensitive and a bit graphic/vulgar.

Monday 28 March 2011, The day my life changed, not in a sense of just change, but my whole life, thought, patterns, my look all I thought was ever right was changed to wrong.
At about 6:30 while watching a movie in my room at my commune a friend of mine came by, “hey wena, stop moping over “H”(my now ex), let’s go take a walk and get my books from a friend of mine outside, I left them in his car two days ago” I got up and went with her. I had only my slippers, jersey and leggings on.

As we walked out of the gate and approached the car , two guys jumped out of the car to come greet us, no, not just your normal ‘hi’ and smile, but with guns, their faces were cold! “Voetsek s’febe” I heard one say, as I tried to turn back one screamed “tsena koloying” (get in the car), we got in and what might have been a short ride to the cemetery seemed like hours because of what I had already knew would happen.

Upon arrival at the cemetery, the three men stole our cellphones and ordered us to strip, and on a shallow grave I was raped with a gun to my head. I felt dirty and worthless, seeing someone have so much pleasure of abusing me while I lay there numb, I did not cry. As soon as the one was done, another would come, and so all three men pleasured themselves in my pain. As soon as they were done they asked for money to which I offered they take us back to the commune so I could give them my bank card so they could withdraw what was in it. They drove us back but kept my friend in the car, I ran to the house in a panic, as I was running outside to give them the card, my friend came running to me screaming “don’t go, run, they said I must go!“ Then gunshots were fired in our direction from the speeding blue BMW.

The cops were called and we got examined at a nearby hospital. All my housemates were with us to show support while we awaited for our parents to arrive, I still wasn’t crying, my tears only came when I saw my mother walk into the hospital room where I was being examined, she was pale, my yellow bone queen looked hurt, for the first time in my life I saw her cry, for once I knew the pain that parents go through and hide from us.
The next couple of, months were of hurt, anger and fear. One of the guys was a cop and his friends were just hooligans who molested women all the time. Fortunately they got arrested, with the cop Mokolo Molekoa, being arrested on numerous counts of rape and robbery, he got about 7 life sentences. His friends are still free as they are out on bail and are awaiting their other cases as well.
Rape is real, men protect us from abuse and stop inflicting it.


3 thoughts on “Grave Horror”

  1. *speechless* how can we clean up this ruthless world? Where is the peace, love, respect and humility? So sorry Malebo. May God give you strength through this painful time of hurtful memories. *praying for you and your friend* also thank you for sharing.


  2. The mind of the South African man is corrupted. We need to build each other through our stories to help one another (women and men) to be free from the world’s desires. Humbled by your Story and you Malebo.


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