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Pacts we make every week on a mission to be better people… Tryna live that righteous life…

Week 1 _ Respect

Phillipians 2:3-8

How many times have you been caught in a situation where someone humiliates you in public? If you’re anything like me, your first reaction probably would’ve been to say or do something that will make you the “winning person”.

What is a “winning person” though? Well a winning person to me back then meant getting back at a person and having an upper hand over them. What is respect? An online dictionary defines it as “[t]he state of being regarded with honor or esteem” or “[w]illingness to show consideration or appreciation.” I also looked up the meaning of “win” and found that it means “to succeed by striving or effort” ; “to gain the victory; overcome an adversary”.

Breaking all this down, I want you to make your own decision to what you feel is the best way to get out of a situation like being humiliated in public… If we say we choose to respect people, it means we choose to regard a person in honor, if we say we respect ourselves it means we honor ourselves as well. An immediate reaction, is like a reaction with no thought to it, “its the first thing that came out my mouth” is our usual saying. So if winning is to succeed through STRIVING and EFFORT, wouldn’t a thoughtful response that will honor God, that person, and you, be more of a win than hurting that person more than they did you? Would it also not be a win because you overcame your adversary (a person or group that is hostile to someone), by not being hostile to them as well, instead you gave them respect even when they did not respect you…

That gives you the upper hand, that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. So that was the RT pact of the week. To respect people, even when they treat you badly…

Aim to be better, God is able… Be blessed.

**Never stop believing