Loving His Holy Word


So today I fell in love with the scripture… No it was nt something I had to do as a Christian, I wanted to read His word, I wanted to be with Him… It feels wonderful and awesome! I just want everybody to feel the same way…

Even got to memorise some scriptures, but I won’t be boasting about that now, but what I found to be a very relevant word was Psalm 118:8 “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man”.

Too many times we ramble on about how God said this to me, what a pastor says he heard God say to him, and we place that “personal experience with God” way above the bible. It gets so bad to the point where we start trying to gain more personal experiences with God and reading the word to justify or somehow edify our personal experiences with him.

I’m not quite sure if that made sense but to make it clearer.

There was a time where I had a “vision”, cause I wasn’t sleeping, but I wasnt awake either, I was in between, just lazy to get out of bed I guess, and this bright light just came and I had to look down cause it was too bright, then the voice said to me “never stop believing” and it was said twice, then some numbers flashed on a wall, I wrote them down on my phone but lost it a couple of weeks later so I cant recall them anymore. But anyways, long story cut short, I wanted to sleep more so I can get “visions” again. I read the bible but it just did not match up to that “personal experience” of mine. As much as the message the “vision” had was good, in hind sight I see that it was pulling me further away from God because all I was now searching for was a personal message form God to me, which made me feel special, or spiritualy higher than most people. Even though I hardly knew my bible.

Glad to say, I fell in love with the scripture.

Here’s to more days spent with God. (John 1:1)


Appreciation of Life

Speaking to a friend I realised wow I have it good in this life.

I am so lazy to study, he strives to study to overcome the challenges he has from a serious brain injury he incurred because of a motor accident. What have I used my life for? Are we not supposed to be here to glorify God? Why then am I so lazy and refuse to listen to His word?

I know if I followed the bible, I would be the organised, prayerful and achieving girl that I should be, but instead I lean back to pleasing the flesh, not trusting God completely.

I want to learn to trust Him completely again, live the way He says live, I know it will bring Him glory, and He will satisfy my soul.



Each Heartbreak Brings A Lesson

The scariest thing is thinking you are living for God then getting a rude awakening realising you are living for yourself… I think the biggest challenge for me spiritually came this past Sunday, the 2nd of June 2013.

So I had FINALLY settled into a church, see I’m one of those who’d bounce from one church to another, till I found this church. It’s a small church, I had gone there the previous year but stayed for a bit then left the church, but I don’t remember why I left it back then. So now I feel like I am home in this church, it’s a small church, everybody knows everybody sort of thing, and it’s intimate, it’s like a family, every Sunday after the service we even get served lunch, and it’s good lunch hey! Loved the food there!

So this past weekend I had gone home to see my mom, I missed her so much! So on the Sunday she dropped me off at church just in time to catch the second service which is prophecies and deliverances. So somehow she decided to stay for a few minutes then leave, so we went in the church and said our goodbyes as she was going to sit closer to the back so she can leave at any time and I went and sat at another spot.

My name got called out for prophecy, see I had spoken to the Apostle the week before and asked him to pray for me and my family, so I knew that he already knew my name and my surname and where I was from. So anyways, he prophecies over me about what happened when I was born, unbeknown to him, my mom is sitting there at the back, and the things I am being told are not true, I knew they weren’t, but I have no idea why I did not speak up though…

So anyways I saw my mom leave a few minutes after. I called her when church was over and she asked me how I felt about everything that had happened, at that time I am confused beyond anything, my spirits are down, I just felt down. So then she just said it straight out, all that was a lie. She didn’t even need to convince me cause somehow I knew that she was telling the truth, the stuff that was prophecied over me was totally false. As he prophesied over me, one of the things he had said was “this afternoon that I was born…”, not in those exact words but something along those lines, my mom just said to me, you were born in the evening, so that already is not true.

Anyways this whole experience really shook me up a bit, because I then realised that I had put my faith on a man, and I thought I had put it in God. I had trusted a man, and not God. I thank God He took me out just in time, before I got sucked in and lost all I have. From now on, I want to read the bible, I want to know God, and I want to trust in Him alone. I cannot rest my belief on a human being, whether they be a parent, teacher, prophet or in future my spouse or children. I will believe in Him that sent His only son Jesus Christ to die for us on the cross.

Watch yourself and the teachings that you listen to, yes prophecies and deliverances are exciting to watch but are they from God?

I would encourage you to take a look at this video I came across on youtube “Miracles For Sale“, about a scuba diving instructor who was ‘taught’ how to “heal” in faith when He wasn’t really who he said he was. it’s very interesting to see how powerful the mind is and what it can do when it truly believes somehting.

Be blessed

Heavy Heart – Forgiven

Have you ever done something without any thought added to it? The feeling you get afterwards is most likely worse than toothache and headache put together. You go through the whole scenario over and over again in your mind trying to find ways you could have said or done something different. Creepy.

I just did something to please a friend, I did it with no thought at all, well actually with plenty of thought, but the wrong kind of thought. My intentions were certainly not in the right place, I feel bad, I feel like I used people to impress one person, how does that make me a better person?

It’s amazing how you can be moving forward so well in righteousness, praying about everything, and trying to do things not out of your own strength but God’s strength, and you slip up once and feel as though you have messed everything up. Well I know I am forgiven so long as I ask for forgiveness from my Father 1John 1:19, next time I get into a similar situation I will try my best to not repeat the same mistake again, I will put thought into each and every word that comes out of my mouth.

The bible tells us about always being on our guard 1Corinthians 16:13, I should learn to meditate on such verses next time so I don’t fall into small little traps like this. Life is not always gonna go according to our script of trying to be righteous, we WILL fall, but God our help will be there to pick us up and help us carry on on our journey. I will not be discouraged and you shouldn’t too if you ever make mistakes, God is our Father and He loves us, and He recognises a heart that is truly devoted to Him…

Our pastor once said the devil uses the past to pull us down, a second ago is already the past. Don’t give him the satisfaction of stealing your joy, I won’t too, I am happy and I am free knowing that I am forgiven for my sins, trusting that I will not make the same mistake twice, but if I do, I will pray to God to forgive my sins and try again until I get it right. We serve a wonderful and merciful God, and NO devil will come between me and my joy…

Praise be to the most high God, He is worthy of all the praise!!


**Be blessed

Week 1 _ Respect

Phillipians 2:3-8

How many times have you been caught in a situation where someone humiliates you in public? If you’re anything like me, your first reaction probably would’ve been to say or do something that will make you the “winning person”.

What is a “winning person” though? Well a winning person to me back then meant getting back at a person and having an upper hand over them. What is respect? An online dictionary defines it as “[t]he state of being regarded with honor or esteem” or “[w]illingness to show consideration or appreciation.” I also looked up the meaning of “win” and found that it means “to succeed by striving or effort” ; “to gain the victory; overcome an adversary”.

Breaking all this down, I want you to make your own decision to what you feel is the best way to get out of a situation like being humiliated in public… If we say we choose to respect people, it means we choose to regard a person in honor, if we say we respect ourselves it means we honor ourselves as well. An immediate reaction, is like a reaction with no thought to it, “its the first thing that came out my mouth” is our usual saying. So if winning is to succeed through STRIVING and EFFORT, wouldn’t a thoughtful response that will honor God, that person, and you, be more of a win than hurting that person more than they did you? Would it also not be a win because you overcame your adversary (a person or group that is hostile to someone), by not being hostile to them as well, instead you gave them respect even when they did not respect you…

That gives you the upper hand, that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. So that was the RT pact of the week. To respect people, even when they treat you badly…

Aim to be better, God is able… Be blessed.

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